The Carolina Afghan Hound Club works in conjunction with the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue to provide homes for afghan hounds that otherwise no longer have one. Through the volunteer work of club members and donations, orphaned afghans are taken in and housed until the right "forever home" can be found for them. They are carefully evaluated to make sure that whoever chooses to adopt them is a perfect match so they are never left homeless again. All dogs receive any necessary veterinary healthcare including spaying or neutering.

Dogs that make it into rescue might be there for any number of reasons, not because they were a "bad dog" or "damaged." Many times, these afghans are rescued out of shelters when a worker or fellow afghan owner noticed one in need. Most often, a person or family will move on in their life and have to relocate, but don't take adequate preparations for their companions and are forced to abandon them. It might be divorce, moving into an apartment, moving overseas, new animals or countless other reasons, but at least in these circumstances, the history of the dog is usually available. Afghans are also a breed that is not right for everyone, so sometimes a lost soul will make it into rescue because of the lack of research or adequate training methods of their owners.

Rescue dogs have many advantages over new puppies. Most will be in the less time consuming, adult phase of their lives meaning no rambunctiousness, no teething on your furniture and often times, no accidents in the house. Adult Afghans have already developed their personalities, so it is much easier to match with their new parents' personalities and lifestyle. These dogs will still bond with their new owners, but it will take time, love, understanding and patience.

For information on adopting a rescue, reporting an afghan in need or surrendering one to CAHC, use the Contact Rescue link above.

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